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This is a presentation from the Tennessee Council for Exceptional Children Conference in October 2011. The participants were mostly administrators and professions so the discussion centered more  on organizational change. So instead of what to do which was really what the presentation was about we talked about how to create change within schools to create an environment and culture that develops resilience within adolescents. Of particular interest in the discussion was how some organizations can maintain a culture that is supportive or “authoritative” (see slide 9) and others do not. I still maintain that if the leadership within an organization really wishes to promote positive change within their students they can create and sustain such a culture. I have found in my own experience that often many organizations or schools for whatever reason prefer to make it look like they promote resilience rather than actually do it. I once worked in an organization where this was actually the case. Many in leadership positions believed that it was financially more feasible to fluctuate between authoritarian and permissive environments rather than really have an authoritative environment. Creating a positive environment that develops resilience in children and youth may often appear to take more work and resources at first, but once established it will more than pay for the investment in time and organizational success.

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